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To answer your response from my last question it’s not a bump but When I first when broke out from “strep throat” I had white bumps but they went away with amoxicillin. Now I did do alittle google research and they call it herpes esophagus

  • *Esophagitis* (like the part where you swallow). so There’s no pain when swallowing but there’s still like 2 permanent bumps on my throat since December that hasn’t went away just the white bumps went away from the amoxicillin (“strep throat”). It doesn’t hurt since December but just annoyed it’s still there and my nurses office on campus won’t give me anything unless “I have an outbreak”. They also told me that I just have it orally but i feel like I have both and they don’t say if it’s high or low so kind of stuck 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes May 08, 2018
  • Posted on May 09, 2018


    The symptoms of herpes typically last a couple of weeks and then disappear. I would recommend getting a second opinion from another medical doctor. So... For detail, click here

  • Posted on May 09, 2018


    Yeah, unfortunately doctors and nurses have very outdated knowledge of hsv. They are basing "outbreak" on obvious symptoms. Many people rarely or never have obvious outbreak symptoms even though they have an active infection with regular outbreaks. Likely, the amoxicillin knocked the infection down enough to stop the white bump symptoms, but you still have an active infection. If your igg indicates an active infection and you have some discomfort, then that's justification for an antiviral program. Maybe tell them you are dating someone with no exposure and you need to reduce transmissibility. Another thing to consider about antivirals is the effect on your antibody store. An antiviral course early on will keep you from building up antibodies that can help suppress future outbreaks.

    As far as high/low, if you got it from oral sex and you also had intercourse, then you could assume you have exposure in both places and will be transmissible whether symptomatic or not. Also, what nobody will tell you is that virtually every sexually active adult has hsv1 in both areas. About 50% of adults have had symptomatic hsv1, so if you have had sex of any type with 2 or more people chances are that you have been exposed. Everybody sleeping around in college and on has it and they either don't know or lie about being "clean." It really is a non-issue except with people with a suppressed immune system.

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