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If both people have HSV Type 2, can we spread it to other areas on each other?

  • If we have oral sex, do we have to worry about infecting our mouths? What about kissing your partner after oral sex?

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Apr 27, 2018
  • Posted on May 09, 2018


    HSV-2 is typically genital herpes. The virus is spread by coming in direct contact with an infected area. If a partner has genital HSV-2 the virus cou... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Jun 06, 2018


    I've had HSV (genital) for 35 years - I rarely flare up - maybe every 5 years.. Two weeks ago, I started getting symptoms in my mouth - sores, burning etc....tested - negative for HSV1, but of course still positive for HSV2. I got HSV2 in my mouth from oral--- they guy didn't tell me he had it....he ghosted me after I brought it up....anywho....The oral initial breakout is worst breakout of my life. The symptoms are awful - two weeks, took valtrex and it still hasn't gone away. Far more uncomfortable than I experience down below - my symptoms were in no way milder.

  • Posted on Apr 29, 2018


    You can get exposure, and thus symptoms, of either hsv1 or hsv2 anywhere on your body. However, getting hsv2 outside of the genital area (and hsv1 outside of the oro facial area) will usually result in milder symptoms than infection in their "preferred" areas. You may only get one or two outbreaks with symptoms in an out if site infection. You will always shed from those sites of exposure, though, since the virus sets up in the nerves at the site of exposure. Keep in mind that since you both have hsv2 already that you are only transmissible to each other when you are having an outbreak. Asymptomatic shedding is only partial virus DNA and your already formed antibodies will not give them enough time to replicate into full strands. Additionally, exposure to asymptomatic shedding can help you build a healthy store of antibodies that can help to shut down outbreaks when the virus comes out of latency.

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